BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics

Back in December 2019, BrainStorm approached CHAUK as part of their search for an agency to help re-develop their website. Over the next few months we worked closely with the team at BrainStorm, NASDAQ and content partners to deliver a new website aimed at increasing their brand and meeting some new investors.

IA & Wireframes —

BrainStorm had quite a complex hierarchy on their existing website, which after looking at their analytics, we were able to determine which areas people were most interested in. We worked with the team to help streamline the structure, and produced some wireframes to help visually understand where content would sit.

Design & Development —

Once we were all on the same page with how to proceed with the website, we went ahead with the visual design, with a fast-approaching deadline, we also started working on the development of the site in parallel.

— BrainStorm Home Page