Developed whilst working at Whitecoat, the Express app was designed for Overseas Students, Workers, and Visitors to electronically pay and claim for their healthcare while in Australia. My role within the Express app involved the initial branding, style guides, UI, UX and helping define the product strategy and roadmap.

The functionality of the app was eventually merged into MyWhitecoat once the opportunity to offer electronic payment and claims to the wider Private Health Insurance member base became available. 

Product Strategy & Development —

Helping define the value proposition of the solution, we worked on putting together some packs to help articulate the vision of the Express app. This was circulated amongst internal and external stakeholders.

Design & Marketing —

With Express we wanted to create a slick, clean app that was easy to use for people coming to Australia from various backgrounds. We kept the language and visuals simple where possible. We developed a range of videos to help give a better understanding of the Australian healthcare system and what to do when you need to visit a GP, hospital or allied health provider.