Whitecoat Pro

Designed for healthcare providers on-the-go, or without a PMS, Whitecoat Pro gives them a tool to process payments and claims from wherever they may be.

As Head of UX, I worked on Whitecoat Pro since the beginning, helping define and bring to the life the MVP, and then developing the app into a more robust product over the last 3 years.

Whitecoat Pro - Overview
— App Opener, Home and Menu screens
Whitecoat Pro - MVP
— MVP app structure
Whitecoat Pro - Onboarding
Whitecoat Pro - Appointments
— Appointments Onboarding
— Claim Workflow
— Various error and partial states

Marketing —

My role involved producing, writing and facilitating the marketing of Whitecoat Pro, with over 105,000 active providers on the base we produced email, Google Search, Google Display, and social campaigns.

Whitecoat Pro - How it works
— Social ads
— eDM example
— Alternative social ads