Working at Whitecoat from 2015 to 2021, we worked on over 1,500 design and marketing projects across a whole range of areas. I started off as a Graphic Designer helping rework the website, before moving into a Head of UX/Design role, as part of that role I was heavily involved across the Development/SCRUM team, Marketing, and Business areas of Whitecoat.

Whitecoat was acquired by Commonwealth Bank in May 2021. Over the 6 years along with the team we grew the Whitecoat business into the product it is today, with over 650,000 monthly visitors, 100,000 active healthcare providers and building the full payment and claim solution (now called) CommBank Smart Health.

Whitecoat Overview
Whitecoat - Optometrist Page

Healthcare Directory —

Whitecoat started life as healthcare directory, aimed at increasing the choice and transparency for Australian’s when looking for a healthcare provider. The work on directory was on-going with notable features and improvements being added including: Online Appointments, Business Listings and custom “preferred provider” directories for the shareholders.

Whitecoat also boasts over 1.3 million reviews across the platform.

CBHS Find a Provider
CBHS Mobile

CMS / WordPress —

With Whitecoat offering numerous services and additional content outside of the directory offering, we developed and built a content-managed site built on WordPress. Previously all Whitecoat content was hard-coded and required a release cycle to be updated.

As a team we took the project on across the content, design, and build phases.

Whitecoat Pro
Whitecoat WorkSafe

Whitecoat Provider Portal —

With a growing base of healthcare providers, the process for them to update their profiles, add subscriptions and manage their accounts was identified as a pain point. As a team, we looked at the analytics, conducted user research to understand better how people were using the current Portal.

We scoped out with the business and development teams an implementation plan and approach for a new Provider Portal and together we put a strong focus on the UX and design to create a more user-friendly portal. As a result over the first 12 months, the visitors and sign-ups increased more than 10x and the average session duration tripled.

Whitecoat Provider Portal

Branding & Design —

As the design lead, we were constantly updating and refreshing the Whitecoat brand to align with the evolving needs of the business. We regularly conducted design reviews to ensure we had consistency across the multiple products, services and channels.

We also produced illustrations, brand guidelines, and a base design system to ensure we had reference points when it came to the design work we produced.

Marketing & Product Development —

Working within a startup environment we were heavily involved in the marketing of the Whitecoat services, as well as leading the product development and direction. Below is a sample of some of the marketing materials and user flows/wireframes that were produced to give internal stakeholders a view of the direction in which the product was heading.